Terms and Conditions

You, being our client, need to agree to the following terms and conditions to get our services:

  • The Customer will get the service in accordance according to the packages chosen by them. All details about our packages are given in detail on our website.
  •  Customer’s logo will be created by our designers in the creative process of Briefing-Basic Concepts-Feedback-Revision Stage-Feedback-Revision Stage and after confirmation from the Clint side, we provide the final logo.
  • The customer is totally liable for sending their details to us and getting their logos on the scheduled time.
  • The Customer needs to review and respond to our designers to get their services delivered on the time.
  • Revision stages: 2-6 maximum which include unlimited revisions. 

Your personally identifiable information is absolutely secured with us as we allow only authorized employees, agents and contractors to get this information.